• Is your Penis a Barometer to your Heart Health?

    Have you heard of the expression “a canary in a coal mine”? The metaphor originates from the times when miners used to carry caged canaries while at work. If there was carbon monoxide in the mine, the canary would die before the levels of the gas reached those hazardous to humans. It is an advance warning of some danger. Erectile dysfunction, having trouble getting or keeping an erection, seems like it’s just a sexual problem to many men; however, erectile dysfunction is often a warning sign of heart disease.

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  • Peyronie’s Disease: Has life thrown a Curveball at you?

    Dr. Pastuszak: Peyronie’s disease is the formation of abnormal scar tissue in the penis, which results in penile curvature and other deformities, and can make sex and reproduction difficult or impossible. Peyronie’s Disease can also cause depression and relationship issues. Peyronie’s disease is probably more coming than current estimates, which put it at 4-13% of the United States male population. A lot of men don’t want to talk about Peyronie’s disease, making them less likely to seek help for it.

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  • Vasectomy: Rest, Ice, Watch NCAA Basketball

    Dr. Hotaling: A vasectomy is the most effective form of contraception. It is a simple procedure that is performed in the office with local numbing medication in 10-15 minutes and requires only 10-15 seconds of minor discomfort while the local numbing medication is injected. After this is done, most men can have a conversation with their doctor or watch a movie while the procedure is performed. Over 500,000 men in the United States undergo this procedure every year. It is a durable, proven and simple form of contraception that is permanent and requires only one simple procedure.

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