The Benefits Of Sex Therapy

Why Sex Therapy?

For many men, the idea of sex therapy can be uncomfortable; however, this is commonly recommended for patients in our clinic. Sex therapy is provided by psychologists, licensed therapists, or social workers to help men and women with various questions or concerns. For some, it is finding a way to be happy with their current function after an injury or illness. For others, it may be help learning how to perform exercises to improve erections or orgasms that are inadequate due to prior emotional trauma or current fear. Sex therapy can be for a couple or an individual. It is a short-term form of counseling and involves making gradual steps to the desired outcome.

Sex Therapy and Sexual Dysfunction

We see many patients in the office with psychogenic ED (psychological reasons rather than physical), anorgasmia (unable to achieve orgasm despite adequate stimulation), and anejaculation (inability to ejaculate). Sex therapy is typically recommended and usually involves sex education, help with communication skills, and behavioral exercises that are done at home. It is most effective when a man’s sexual partner is open to being involved in the treatment.

Sex Therapy and Infertility

Often times, when the sexual passion between partners doesn’t lead to a baby, sex seems to change. Some couples struggling with infertility will seek guidance from a sex therapist. This can help them to find enjoyment in their intimacy, in spite of the stress they may be experiencing during their fertility journey. Sex therapy is typically short term, and ultimately helps you take control of your sex life in a way that is pleasing for you.

How Do I Find a Sex Therapist?

The providers at Utah Men’s Health are fellowship trained in men’s health issues, such as sexual dysfunction and infertility. If you are experiencing these issues and would like a consultation, contact us today. For sex therapy, we work closely with The Healing Group. They provide a respectful and supportive environment where you can learn to cope with trauma, learn to express your feelings, and support each other through your most difficult struggles.