Vasectomy: Rest, Ice, Watch NCAA Basketball

March Madness is around the corner and it’s not just a time for college basketball, but also vasectomies! Dr. James Hotaling, board-certified urologist and reproductive specialist, discusses why vasectomies are a great option for birth control.

Why Should I Consider A Vasectomy?

Dr. Hotaling: A vasectomy is the most effective form of contraception.  It is a simple procedure that is performed in the office with local numbing medication in 10-15 minutes and requires only 10-15 seconds of minor discomfort while the local numbing medication is injected.  After this is done, most men can have a conversation with their doctor or watch a movie while the procedure is performed. Over 500,000 men in the United States undergo this procedure every year.  It is a durable, proven and simple form of contraception that is permanent and requires only one simple procedure.

How Reliable Is A Vasectomy?

Dr. Hotaling: Very, it fails well less then 1% of the time.

Are There Side Effects? How Painful Is It Really?

Dr. Hotaling: There are no permanent side effects other than that you will not be able to get someone pregnant after we have proven that there are no sperm in the ejaculate.  It is not very painful. Most men feel that it is much easier than they expect, and is easier than a trip to the dentist.

Will I Still Ejaculate?

Dr. Hotaling: Yes, only 10% of the fluid that comes out in the ejaculate comes directly from the vas deferens. Men do not notice a significant difference in the amount of fluid that comes out.

What Makes A Vasectomy A Cost-Effective Option?

Dr. Hotaling: It is permanent and requires only one simple procedure rather than an ongoing medication such as an oral contraceptive for women. Further, it is the most effective form of birth control.

What Are The Next Steps?

Dr. Hotaling: Call us to set up your consultation and procedure, and stop worrying about trying to prevent pregnancy.

Thinking about a Vasectomy? Call Utah Men’s Health at to schedule a consultation. It’s the perfect excuse to get benched on the couch.