Pre-Operative Information and Instructions for Dr. Jim Hotaling and Dr. Alex Pastuszak


You should receive a phone call within 1 week of your clinic appointment to schedule surgery. If you would like to schedule more quickly, or if you have not received your phone call, please contact:

Christie Sandberg
Men’s Health Surgical Coordinator
University Health Care

Direct phone line: (801) 213-4961

You should also contact our surgical coordinator directly with any questions relating to your surgery.


Due to Dr. Hotaling’s limited OR time, WE REQUIRE A 1 WEEK NOTICE if you need to reschedule your surgery. This is to allow ample time for other patients to be moved up to an earlier date on the surgery schedule as needed. Please know that this courtesy will also be extended to you if an earlier surgery date becomes available.

If you need to RESCHEDULE/CANCEL your surgery, please contact Christie directly at 801.213.4961


Your surgery will take place at one of the two locations listed below:

University of Utah South Jordan Health Center
5126 Daybreak Parkway
South Jordan, UT 84095

University Hospital
50 North Medical Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84132


  • We recommend that patients contact their insurance company to verify coverage and benefits for BOTH the facility and Dr. Hotaling. You will receive a phone call from our Financial Advocate team closer to your surgery date regarding your insurance coverage/benefits. If you have questions for the Financial Team, their phone number is: (801) 213-4760.
  • If you are a CASH PAY patient, please contact our Financial Advocate, Tracee Lang, at (801) 213-5993 to arrange payment. Payment must be received 2 weeks prior to your surgery date to remain on the surgery schedule.


You will need to have lab work done prior to surgery. We will enter the orders for this into our system and you may complete them at any University Of Utah facility and the results will come directly to our office. Your lab work MUST be completed between 30 days to 2 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery date.

If you choose to have your lab work completed at a different facility, it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that your results are sent to our office. Please have results faxed to: 801.585.2891, ATTN: Christie Sandberg. Your results MUST be received by our office at least 1 WEEK before your scheduled surgery.


It is important to be off of any blood thinning medication prior to surgery if possible.

  • If you are on Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix, or any other blood thinner (especially due to a heart stent, heart attack, or stroke) it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact your cardiologist or provider that manages your blood thinning medication to clarify if you may stop taking these medications prior to surgery, or if you need to be on a heparin “window” or other medication. Please keep in mind that most of these medications must be stopped approximately 5 days prior to surgery and plan accordingly.
  • If you have a heart stent and are on low dose aspirin (81 mg) please continue to take this medication for your procedure.
  • For most patients, please stop taking any other medications that thin your blood 5 days prior to surgery. These medications include: Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, and Aspirin. **If you have a heart stent please continue your aspirin.**

Pre-Operative Soap

You will need to begin using either Betasept or Hibiclens soap once a day beginning 5 days prior to surgery. If you did not receive a bottle of this soap at your clinic visit, you may purchase it at any local pharmacy without a prescription. Below are your instructions for your soap:

  • If you plan to wash your hair, do so using regular shampoo. Rinse your hair and body thoroughly to remove any shampoo residue.
  • Thoroughly rinse your body with water from the neck down.
  • Apply your Betasept or Hibiclens soap DIRECTLY on your skin and thoroughly wash from your neck to your knees. Please especially concentrate on your groin area, including your lower abdomen, genitals, and inner thighs, both front and back.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Do not use any other soap, body wash, or shampoo after applying and rinsing your Betasept or Hibiclens.
  • Put on freshly laundered clothing after showering or bathing.


One business day before your surgery, you will receive a call from our pre-operative staff with your arrival time and to review your instructions.

  • Do NOT eat or drink anything after MIDNIGHT the day before your surgery. This includes chewing tobacco, gum and mints. It is OKAY to brush your teeth without swallowing any water.
  • You MUST have a ride home with a responsible adult.
  • Remove contact lenses or bring your lens case
  • Leave any valuables at home or with family
  • Your “arrival time” is the time you need to check in for surgery.
  • Please bring your identification, insurance cards, and any applicable co-pay or deductible payment with you to check in.
  • You may contact the pre-operative staff for your arrival time between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm one business day prior to surgery.

South Jordan Health Center:(801) 213-4891

University Hospital:(801) 585-1449

Post-Operative Clinic Appointments:

  • Your first post-operative follow up appointment will be scheduled for 3 weeks following your surgery. This is to allow enough time for you to heal to minimize discomfort when we teach you how to use your device at this appointment.
  • Your appointment date and time will be made for you and should print on your discharge information paperwork. All post-operative appointments are at our South Jordan facility. Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact us at (801) 213-4961 if you have any questions.

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