What Is A Vacuum Erection Device (VED)?

Vacuum Erection Device

A vacuum erection device, sometimes called a vacuum pump or penis pump, is an external acrylic pump that a man uses to get and maintain an erection. The VED consists of a cylinder, with either a battery operated or manual pump, that goes over the penis.

  • The patient places the pump over the penis.
  • The pump is used to create a vacuum which draws blood into the penis to create an erection.
  • A constriction band is placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection. The band can be left on for up to 30 minutes.

What are the success rates for Vacuum Erection Devices?

Some men use this device if they are not comfortable taking medication, or if they have tried oral medications and they do not work for them. Satisfaction ranges from 50-80% with the use of this device. Many men move on to other therapies since there are some downsides with the VED:

  • It can be cumbersome to use and takes the spontaneity out of sexual intercourse.
  • The penis can be cool to the touch since there is no active blood flow while the restriction band is in place.
  • The erectile bodies extend beyond your pubic bone: therefore, the penis may have a hinge effect and not stand straight up.

Penile Rehabilitation after Prostate Cancer Treatment

A penile rehabilitation program is designed to help the nerves responsible for erections recover after prostate cancer surgery. We recommend the use of a vacuum erection device as part of this protocol. It is important to get good blood flow into the penis soon after prostate cancer surgery. The use of the VED gets more oxygen into the penis which keeps the nerves and tissue healthy. It has also been found that the daily use of vacuum therapy can minimize loss of penile length after prostate cancer surgery. It is important to follow a specific protocol advised by your urologist. Call Utah Men’s Health today to learn more about rehabilitation tips following your prostate cancer treatment.

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